WM James VanDeHey

NEW Daylite Lodge 360

​Grand Lodge of Wisconsin

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For more than 30 years, NEW Daylite Lodge has been active.  Masons who were retired were seeking a lodge that met during the daytime and a Charter was granted for NEW Daylite Lodge #360 on 11 June 1984.  We meet the 2nd Thursday of every Month at 10 am.

The Brethren of NEW Daylite 360 believe that Freemasonry is to help make good men better by encouraging its members to follow the teachings of their own religious faith, to support in every way possible beneficial, civic and charitable causes, to be responsible for their own moral and ethical conduct, to be examples and teachers for their families and to treat all other persons regardless of race, religion or national heritage in a just an ethical manner.

​The mission of Freemasonry in Wisconsin is to teach and demonstrate a fraternal way of life that promote brotherhood and self improvement through education, moral standards, charity, and community involvement.

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